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Planet Ottertail

J A C K ' S

  C A B I N N E W S

Below in the " shout out " box, jot down any news, updates, or comments

that will be helpful & useful for the next "happy campers"

(Only Members have access to this page.)

-Stay Tuned-

So go ahead, click in the gray box & start " jotting"

Inquiring minds really want to know! then click send...

New To Jack's Cabin...

(So We Know What Not To Pack)            

The Biz...

Welcome to the age of technology, Jack's Cabin is now computer literate, working with cyberspace is Beach Boys Fun, Fun, Fun...

-Kitchen Additions-


George Forman Grill

Fry Pan

Stir Crazy Popcorn Popper


fridge= ketchup & mustard

1cup? Food Processor

Tea Kettle

Stock Pot

4 cutting boards

20 Cass Clay containers

Toothpicks Galore

150 plastic forks, 50 plastic spoons, 24 plastic knives

150+ garbage bags, 3 yrs worth of plastic grocery bags

200 Glad fold top sandwich bags

chore boys

-Game Additions-


Harry Potter UNO

Fill or Bust


Basketball and Net

Lawn Boy Lawn Mower

USE ONLY Pre-Mixed 32:1 gas:oil mixture    

RED SHOP VAC to blow up your inflatables

don't forget to pack lighter fluid and charcoal


6 FANS:       1 osc. in back bdrm

1 osc. & 1 sm in M bdrm

1 sm in bthrm

1 box & 1 tower in lr/kt

7 can huggies ( go AMFAM! )

  2 electric Potpourri Crockpots -bring your own simmering liquid

(or use downy/ h2o mixture)

6 cans of bug repellent

20 books of matches

3 Terro liquid ant traps to go

wash bucket with rubber gloves, scrub brush, rags, and Hilex

iron & ironing board

Dirt Devil Carpet Sweeper

AN Awsome Vacuum Cleaner-

(must clean out dirt trap after every use to preserve the filter)