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Planet Ottertail




JULY 20-21, 2019 

<2018                                                                                                                                                                                                           2020>

Let me introduce to you, some people of health and taste, pleased to meet you, hope you guessed our game....

Fools On The Hill 2019

OK, Everybody except those getting married next month...Frisbee Faces Now!

Searching for Basket #1

To quote a past tour, it's time to "Let It Fly"

Ever hear the expression, "Can't walk and chew gum at the same time?" What flavor ya got today Reece?

Like a laser to the basket...

Like a magnet to the trees.

2019 Disc Golf BTB...Brides To Be.

Ah, no Kristi, you two are NOT the same height.

Hey, Captain America, you cannot use superpowers in the tournament. 

Rule check: the disc that is just leaving her right hand, is technically illegal. Too small.

Rule check: Throwing pizza dough to putt is technically illegal also, right?

Ron, who are you talking to on your imaginary phone? And what is he/she saying?

No really, I saw a gnome and he was this tall...

Spellbinding stories always captivate riveting attention, right Reece and Ana?

OH, I see, in the previous pic, Reece was adding a second thumb to his throwing hand...Rule check?

Twirly Bird Twist...

Aaaaaand.... the double index finger throw. Rule check?

Appears to be launching a mini U.S. flag!

Pointing to a rare sighting, an angelic halo over Derek.

Bruce, it's more believable if you say "WOW" after the disc actually leaves his hand... 

Kristi practicing keeping her elbow up for the next throw

Somebody hears some foot stomin' music...

Amazing throw with such a short arm...

Common Bruce-Mantra: Miss the tree...Miss the tree

And now Nick has his imaginary phone call...

Don't stare Bruce, they are a form of footwear called sandals.

Ana trying to decide which color to throw, Nick holding his imaginary pet puppy, and Ashley pointing directions that she does not want her frisbee to go.

I see she went with the light blue one, and now Kristi is holding imaginary puppy...

I'm beginning to hear the start of the song "Walk Like An Egyptian".

Rrrred blurrrr...

Computer like analysis of the potential glide.

Not going back there, I hear there may be bodies back there.

The Woods begins it's annual feast on the less fortunate. Fear indeed.

I know it's in here somewhere...

Avoided the woods...for now

Sun blinded

Bruce seeing an apparition that no one else notices.

That same apparition goosing Nick

Score recap...some head hanging in shame

Not only is throwing uphill difficult, it appears looking uphill takes some effort as well. Eh, Ana?

The classic straight and long heave ho.

Toes up.

Concentration from the Peanut Gallery

SSS - Sweet Sidearm Sweep

Staring at the tree won't make it move out of the way, Derek.

And the wind up...the delivery? Trees!

Rule check: Trying to use a prohibitively large disc.

Taking aim, factoring the wind, the sunlight particles, possible weight of a wayward mosquito...

OOPs, forgot to factor in the counterweight of the white towel...

AND forgot to measure the height of the grass for foot drag...

Here comes the chop

Fingers flying of your hand type of fun

Ron to Bruce: Try to beat that, sucka

The "Mary Boogie" for Boogie for good luck

Mary to Carmen: you need some luck too?

All right then, here ya go...

Bad Karma, trying to hit the camera guy

Rapt attention as Carmen explains the meaning of life...I see Kristi isn't buying it.

Kristi dislocates her left elbow...and now Mary is holding Nick's imaginary puppy

Anyone ever played the drawing game where you guess words by choosing letters, called Hangman? Nat?

Cross over technique, and Impatient Mary going out of turn and teeing off for hole 5

Spot the three leaners

The blue hovercraft

Down the corridor 

Optimistic search location, Bruce...go deeper 

And the woods begins to claim it's errant children

Dislocated left elbow residuals make it difficult to carry that heavy disc

Distant figures amused by the antics of the distant challenged

The seated Beast

Pre-throw analysis with attempt at distraction cat call

The wind up...

The result...

The walk of shame...

Hiding from incoming

Free of the woods at last

Picture this...

Approach to the post...

Everyone Stay To The LEFT!!!

What is this that I hold in my hands?

More Woods!

Approach To Hole 4

Tee Off # 5 While The Beatles "Long and Winding Road" is played.

Bruce and Ron both incredulous as Carmen demonstrates the size of the bee he just saw!

The alter boy genuflection. 

Jesse helping look for Kristi's arms...I think she dropped them here somewhere.

Nice blind throw, Russ

Nice landing, Russ

Nice long putt throw, Michael

Nice landing, Michael

I hear chains...

Picture perfect

Getting ready for reenactment of the 50 year ago first step on the moon...

Historic steps...

We all survived our lunar step!

And now are official Disc Golf Astronauts..

Joy, Joy!