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Planet Ottertail

    The End Is Nigh Tour

33rd Annual

Ottertail Lake Frisbee Golf Tournament

July 21 - 22 - 2012

2012 ...The End Is Nigh Tour

2011 <                                                                                                                                                                                   >2013 

The Front Of The Shirt

The Back Of The Shirt 

                                                                                                                                          Men's Championship Shirt 

                                                                                                                                       Women's Championship Shirt

                                                                                                                         Day One

Pre Flight Gathering 

                                                                                     Hole 1  

 The Champ Poses With What Appears To Be A Fully Functional Disc And Remnants Of A Shirt.

 Heave Ho, Hey.

 Didn't Fully Grasp The Concept Of Sampson Losing His Hair...

 No Hated Yankees Cap This Year...People Will Actually Talk With Him.

 Aren't Frisbees Usually Round?

 The Yellow Blur.


 Electrically Charge Transference Of Bright Energy From Fingers To Disc.

 The Fish I Caught Was This Big...Really...

 And This Is The Size Chris Caught...

Long Putt On Hole One...It's Going To Be A Long Day. 

The Tongue Thing Only Works For Jordan... 

Hole 2 

E=MC2 (Effort Equals Muscle Contortion Too) 

The Instant Disc And Hand Merge. 

Jess To Nat: What's So Funny? 

The Sidewinder. 

Clear The Woods...Clear The Woods...Forget That First Hole... 

Jess Notices That She Also Has Ten Toes... 

Jimi Moment...Kiss The Sky. 

I'm Pretty Sure That In Order To Throw A Frisbee, You Need A Hand...Tough Luck Jess. 

Please, Just Go Further Than Bruce's. 

Observe My Powers Of Disc Levitation! 

Chopping Carmen In The Neck Isn't Exactly Referenced In The Rules, But... 

Look! I Cleared The Woods! 

Unlike You... 

Or You... 

OK, Let's All Chip In And Buy The Unfortunate Kid A Full Shirt... 

I Think It Is Against The Rules To Lean On Another Players Shoulder When You Throw...

Feeling All Alone? 

Welcome Wagon 

Carmen And Cory Moving Out Of Harms Way, Russ, Look Out. 

Now's Not The Time To Be Picking A Leaf For Your Leaf Collection. 

Just A Little Outside...Ball One. 

Leaning Disc... 

Leaning Disc Thrower... 

Hole 3 

Ha Ha Ha, No I Am Not A Target. 

Going To Miss Me With That Shot.

Close, But No Cigar. 

Pretty Sure That's A Miss. 


Whoa, That's Going To Be Close! 

Oh, Sh*t! 

No Bruce That Is Not The Direction To Throw. Nice Try. 

Same Concentration Seen At The Carny At The Dunk Tank...Go Ahead...Try. 

The Woods Make Me A Better Strategist. 

Pilates Class Anyone? 

So Who Is Everyone Looking At In The Woods? 

Technically He Is Only On The Edge Of The Woods. But Wait...

Now He's In The Woods... Nice Throw. 

Another "Edger" ...Hopefully With Better Results.

Looks So Open, But So Deceiving. 

Can't Go Straight, Can't Go Through, Let's Try Going Over. 

Any Wood Ticks Or Mosquitoes Back There Carmen? 

Blue Orb Advancing. 

OK, So Can't Go Over Either...I'll Just Power It Out Of Here. 

Unique Throwing Form. 

Tough Shot From There... By The Way Is Carmen Back There?

There's Carmen, Showing Jess The Angle For The Perfect Throw. 

And Where Did That Get Him? Not Really Close, Did It. 

Hole 4 

Holding A Pose. 

Pam: "That Guy Right There...I Saw Him Take Your Beer." 

The Twist. 

Hat On Backwards...Just A Matter Of time Before Pants On The Ground. 

Observe The Human Statue. Where's Gusto? 

Jess, Wondering Where Your Orange Driver Went?...Look Down And Left.

It Is Not Going Any Further Even If You Keep Staring At It Jess... 

This Time It Looks Like It Is Going A Little Further... 

Woods On Four? Power Down A Little. 

Deep In The Woods, We Observe a Russ-ell. 

Nice Yoga Move, Remember Throw It Forward... 

And How Did Your Blue Disc End Up Behind You? 

Good To Be Out Of The Deep Woods, But Still In Dire Straits.


Traveling Trio

Hole 5 

That's Funny, No Way You Can Make Your Round Disc Square... 

WTF? How Did You Do That?

Let Me Try... 

Hope Your Disc Does Not Follow Your Line Of Vision. 

The Angelic Wing Technique.

Didn't A Pitcher For The St. Louis Browns Have A Wicked Sidearm Like That? 

No Russ, It Doesn't Count, Even Though You Hit The Pole. This Is Not Your Putt On Hole Three. 

Same Goes For You Bruce... 

Better Line Of Vision Than Nat... 

Tebow Alert! 

Gonna Be An Ankle Biter. 

OK, Jess, Did You Forget You Need A Disc For Your "Throw" To Count? 

Tippy Toe Throw. 

Warned You About That Line Of Vision Thing... 

Good Duck, Bruce. 

Line It Up...Remember That Line Of Vision Thing... 


Hole 6 

Blind Throw To New Basket. Going Around.

Going Over. 


Going WAY Over. 

Going Anywhere...Just Please Not On The Roof. 

Appears To Be Going Through. 

Looks To Be An Almost Perfect Throw... 


Good, Using A Disc Again. 

Leaning Into It. 

Dangerous Throw, The Water Is Waiting, Calling Your Name Russ...Don't Mock The Water. 

Looks Like The New Hole Has Significant Casualties. 

Hey...I Said "Almost." 


AND Helpless... 

Nice Advance To Get To There From The Last Photo. 

Mental Reflections On Six 

Hole 7 

The Blur Throw. 

The Slice Throw. 

The Hesitant Throw. 

The Tomahawk Throw. 

The Square Disc Throw. 

The No Arms-Just-A-Hand Throw. 

The One Arm In The Shade-One In The Sun Throw. 

The Reach For The Stars Throw. 

The I Think I'll Go Around Throw. 

The I Think It Hit The Tree Throw. 

Another Long Putt. 

At Least It Didn't Go In The Well-house. 

The Marcher, The Ponderer, The Hand Tapper, And The Dude With The Pregnant Shirt Thing. 

Hole 8 

New Tee Off 

Pretty Much Same Disc Position Prior Photo. 

This One May Be A Little Errant. 

Popping Fisbees From His Chest... 

The Camouflage Throw.  

Going In An Upward Trajectory Is A Good Thing From Down Here. 

 Going In An Downward Trajectory Is Maybe Not A Good Thing From Down Here.

 Black Sharks Always Find Their Way Home. 

Just A Liiiiiitle Low And Outside... Ball Two.

Another Kneel-er...Prayers Wont Help. 

Stare It Into The Basket.

Hole 9 

Looks Like It May Be A Keeper. 

 Potential As Well.


Nice Hat Pam! 

Sidearm Strike. 

The Guardians...Not Guardian Angels...

Ah, Devastating Effect Of Sudden Updraft...

On Your Knees Again, Cory? Repent And Be Saved! 

Woods On 9??? 

On The Edge 

So...From The Woods To This? Sad. 

Let It Fly, Then Flash The Rock N Roll.

What A Joy To Throw A Dry Disc...Hope This Continues All Day. 

Frisbee Levitation. 

Just A Little High..Ball Two. 


Looks Like Another Strike... 

Roof Judge.

Between Rounds Splash Break 

Round Two

Hole 1

"I Missed It By This Much..." 

Is He Throwing A Wet Dishrag? 

Hole 2 

Woods Once More

Hole 3 

The Dreaded Woods 

The Woods Swallows Another One

The Monster Woods Is Hungry Today 

Looks Like Someone Escaped The Woods, But Really, Twenty Feet At A Time? 

Laying Down Ones Life To Give Cory A Chance At A Good Throw.


After A 10 Foot Advance, I know These Woods Are Evil. 

Carmen Feels The Evil As Well. 

Ballet In The Field 

Hole 4 

 Comin' At Ya, and Isaac The Frisbee Magnet.

Dastardly Throw At The Cameraman

Looks To Be Going Forward This Time... (Refer To Round one) 

Pam Knocking Jessica Over With A Left Cross

Body English Helps

Left! Left! Left! 

Hole 5 

The throw Wasn't That Bad That You Have To Hide Your Face...LUKE. 

  Bruce And Pam Life Size Props...No Signs Of Movement From Last Pic.

And Now Someone Showed Up With The Nathanyal Life sized Prop. (See Last Pic) 

Visualize Where You Want Your Throw To Go...

I Would Guess It Looks Like About 10 Feet And Down. 

Statue Of Libfrisbee In The Background.

Reach for The Stars, Oh Spartan Clothed One.

Nice Putt! 

Hole 6 

Look Up There...It's A Leaf.

No...I see Two Leaves... 

Just Don't Go In The Water... 

I'm With You Randy, I Only See One Leaf Up There. 

What Leaf? 

Historic Tee Off .

Hole In One. Blind Throw To The Waters Edge.

Less Fortunate Trio. 

Big Wave In The Background From Mary. Hold It...Topless?

Another Luckless Soul 

Hole 7 

Invisible Opponent Twisting His Arm

Who Conjured A Shrinking Spell And Trapped Michael In The Chains Of The Disc Basket? 

More Evil Spells...Left Arm Exiting Luke's Stomach And His Right Arm Totally Scrambled.

Scotty Is Beaming Him Up.

A Slice Of Green.

Tendon Popping Strength. 

Look, Russ Is Catching A Big Red Slinky. 

Attempt On The Cameraman's Head Again. 


Hole 8 


Creator Of Aqua Art

Is That The Infamous Pam The Pirate? Arrrggg. 

Throwing The Hammer. (You Can't touch This.) 

Look Out Luke...Didn't Your Mom Tell You To Avoid Pirates? 

Another Spell...Who Became The Tree? 

Is That A Small Black Martian To Pam's Left ?

Getting Sucked Into The Gravitational Pull Of The Dark Hole Within The Tree. Bye Now.  

You Really Think That Getting On Your Knees In Prayer Will Help You Now? 

Hole 9 

Lightning In His Fingers. 

The Blur...Coming At you. 

Power To Make The Red Disc Almost Invisible. 

Please Don't Go In The Water Again.

He's Got Eyes On The Top Of His Head As Well. 

Please Catch Me I'm Falling. 


Fly, Water Soaked Disc! 

Water!     What could Be Worse? 

No Razzing From The Peanut Gallery! 

Must Concentrate...Be The Disc. 

The Result...A Round Disc Landing Uphill Tends To Roll Back Down...Thank You Sir Isaac Newton. 

Sure, Smiling On The Outside, Cursing The Gods Of Nature On The Inside. 

Let's Try A Little Different Form This Time. 

Final Throw Of the Day...Just A Wee Bit Outside. 

Day Two

Another Remnant Of A Shirt...This Guy NEEDS To Win For The Shirt. 

Telling Tales To Those Not Here

Always Present 

Flexing After A Super Human Throw? 

Nice Air Guitar, Nat 

Going Through With The Beast

Looks Like The Beast Let Him Down Judging From The Lay Position

Trying To Ascertain What Type Of Tree That Is, Carmen? 

Wow...Petting A Dog And Throwing A Disc At The Same Time