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Planet Ottertail

 Let It Fly Tour

31st Annual

Ottertail Lake Frisbee Golf Tournament

July 17-18-2010

<2009                                                                                                                                                                                                        2011>

Weapons of Mass Disc-junction

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

The Gathering of Hopes and Dreams

First Throw of The Weekend

First Power Throw of the Weekend


Defending Champion Blurr

Enough Power To Go Through The Trees

Reece Slyly Altering The Course By Pushing Pin 9 To The Side

Is That A Penalty?

The Leaner

The Left Hand Says It All... "I'm Going Down."

Photo Evidence Of Performance Enhancement:

An Electrical Band On His Wrist With Visible Control Device On His Side.

Aiming For The Stars

Technique Switch...Will It Help?

Hey, Bruce, It Hasn't Left His Hand Yet...What Are You Looking At?

"Fear The Woods" Look

Disc Ballet

Taking Care Of Bidness

The Bowler

Rookie Mistake: Putting Instead Of Driving On First Tee Off

Hole Two

Someone Is Sad With His Throw


Yellow And Low And Coming At You

Red And High And Fly-ing

Right Hand: Release...Left Hand: Catch

Suprised That It Cleared The Well House

Overhand Chop #1

Overhand Chop #2

Looks Like A Wormburner

Aiming For The Camera Guy

Creating An Angelic Halo Over Someone Who Needs It

Orange Crush

Code Red!

Ahh...Rookie Mistake #2: Teeing Off In The Wrong Direction

For Those About To ROC

Hole 3

A Nice Suprise - A Southern Disc Holder

"The Woods"

Peace, Bro.

On The Edge

On The Edge II


Incoming! Get Out Of The Way Boogie!

On The Edge III


Finally, A Somewhat Normal Tee Off

The Hecklers Have Arrived

Boy Blue...

Boy Blue Too

Signaling A Left Hand Turn

Surrounded By All His Friends

Tough Shot

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

On Target



Wood II

Hole 4

Seems To Be A Wee To The Left Of The Fairway, Sherri

Sunglass Sistas

Launching The Yellow

Nick:"Wow"; Cory:"Too Good";

Sherri: "Hey Tom, Wanna Hear An Arm Fart?"

Angle That Is Heading For Disaster

Just A Little Too Far

The "No Arm" Throw

Blowing At Your Disc Does NOT Increase Velocity

Lukes Head On A Platter

Randy Notices Jim Has No Shoes

Another Ballet Dance...On Point

Wicked Left Cross To Imaginary Boxing Opponent

The Babe Ruth Pose

Carmen Notes A Little Too Much Right Angle

Hole 6

The Blind Throwing Blind

Blowing In The Wind

The Launch...

The Landing...

The Pick Up...

The Drop...

The Shame...

Hole 7

Headless Observation

Rockets Red Glare

Looks A Little Low...

The Result And A Prior Practice Throw Result

Mile High

Rigidity Defined

Spasticity Defined

I Can't Get No Traction

Get Up! Get Up!

Leaning Into It

Rainbow Throw

Let's Try Side Style Again

Reach For The Sky, Pardner

Stereo Views


Tomahawk Chop

Tomahawk Chop II

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Blue Bomb Away

Hole 8

Nice Shirt!

Ahh...Seems Too Be Heading A Little Left...

Nice Hook

I Think I Can, I Think I Can

Intense Concentration And Mental Note Taking From The Gallery

The Underhand Flick

Looks To Be Adequate

A Leaner

Throwing Orange With A Normal Arm
And Holding Yellow With A Grossly Elongated One

The Gloved Throw - Michael Jackson Would Be Proud

"Please Don't Land On The Roof...Again"

Looking Good...The Disc, I Mean

Cloud Gazer

Another Leaner

Nice Kick Off

.85 Seconds From...Wait For It...Birdie!

Looks Like A Long Putt

Hole 9

Sadness On Hole 9

Last Chance To Dance For Round One

Flyin' For Ya

Talk About Throwing Your Arm Off...

Looks To Be A Little Long...Already

"Please Go Left..."

Rubber Hand

Leaning Won't Help At This Point

The Release...

The Ill Fated Path...

The Result...Nice Shiner

Thrower ( With An Evil Grin)


Victim (Smiling With A Double D Against His Cheek)

Smooth Sailing

Let's See If Using Blades Of Grass For Shoestrings Helps

Bionic Arm Or Thalidomide Flipper Arm?

Finding Humor In The Standings After Round 1

As Round Two Begins, Everyone Steps It Up

And Throws At Frisbee Blurr Warp Speed:

Fashion Dedication: Wearing Sandals To Match Your Disc Color

Someone Is "Asleep At The Wheel", Shirley

Miss The Tree...Miss The Tree...

Jim Gives The Throw "The Evil Hand Whammy"

Oh, The Tempation To Jump On Reeces Yellow Pieces

Championship Form Returns...Too Late

Wobble Is Not Good

Bruce Levitating His Disc From The Ground

Going For The Home Run

Sidearm Sally Throw

Simultaneous Throw Of The Red Disc And

Explosion Of A Rainbow Disc As It Strikes His Chest

Tilt N' Whirl

Bend It Like Beckham

Storm And Darkness Descend

Like A Bat...Guided By Radar

"Blind Willie Reece"

An Subconscious Choke Coming On, Tom?

Shadow Disc

Red Hot

Day Two

The Patriarch Throweth!

Putting Too High Toward A Shrunken Basket

First Power Throw Of The Day

Creating His Own Shirt Logo

Creature With Three Legs And Extra Hip Impersonating Nick

The Helicoptor Twirl

Do Not Take Your Eyes Off The Spinning Disc

Solar Flair Disc Throw

Crossing Your Arms Will Not Ward Off Evil Throws

What's So Funny, Guys?

Never Underestimate The Power Of The Tongue

The Four Fingered Hand Throw

Gnome Power!

Jumping Into It...

Look - A RedHead

Guard The Window!

I Sense A Trip Down To The Water Line

Flirtin' With Disaster

Optimistic Smile

Directional Misadventure

Why Is The Frisbee Getting Bigger?

Carmen! No Distracting Shouts At Point Of Release

Comin' At Ya

No Bruce, That Would Be Too Much Tilt

And What Is That On Your Head?

Nice Fashion, Shirt And Disc Color Coordination

Going High

Underhand Lob? Playing Bocce Ball?

Limbs Akimbo

Orange Rush

Ballet Balance

Farve To Moss: Go Long...

Freakin' Out Sherri?

Either You Moved Ahead 10 Feet For Your Drive Or...


Onward Christian Soldiers...

The Landing Looks To Be Way Out Of Bounds

Yes, Mr. Barrack Hussien Obama, I am Going Green

Ah, NO, That Is Not A Saintly Halo

Luke And Reece Think Your Throw Is Hilarious, Nick...Just Sayin'

Lost And Off The Grid But Thumbs Up For Effort

Looks Like The Woods Got You

And You

And You

And You

And You

And You

And You

And You

And You

And You Again

And Almost You

And Almost You Too

Going To Make The Clearing Or Die Trying

Minnesota Twins Relief Ace

Finally Out Of The Woods!

I Can Fly! Wheee!

 Has A Chance...

Dead Wood!

Sibling Smiles

Pensive Observation

Sunglass Babes

Kiss Off!

Reyna Pulling The Talk-String On The Back Of Reeces Neck

Underhand Girly Softball Pitch

Point And It Will Follow

You Ain't Whistling Dixie, Randy

There It Is...The Classic Frisbee Freak Form

Goodbye Little Disc...And Any Chance Of Winning

Someone Is Hanging Their Head In Shame

Nice Recovery

Someone Is Playing With An Invisible Hoola Hoop...

Hey, I Think I've Been Here Before

Defying Gravity

Faceplant, Here I Come

Crouching Tiger

Bruce Saying In Sign Language: "Excellent Throw"

Three Amigos Watching The Grass Grow

So Much Force That His Moustache Is Falling Off

The Fabled Four Arm Throw

Who Goosed Bruce?

Throwing Left Handed!

So Much Force That The Ends Of His Fingers Flew Off

Destined For The Woods...

Chain Driven

The Catholic-Kung-Fu Technique

Is That A Mini-Disc?

Givin Ya All The Rasberries

Looking To Be A Lot To The Left

Oh, No! Hit The Pole

Putting With His Invisible Disc

Hey! I May Be A Statue, But Get Off My Foot!

Gliding Into Water

Another Mishap...Disc Imbedded In His Back

He Who Hesitates Is Lost

Listening To Van Halens "Jump"

Luke! Look Out For That Tree Snake!

Gnarley Fingers

Reaching For The Sun

Behold! My Throw...

Someone Turn That Blind Man Around For His Drive

That's Better...Sunshine Superman

Chummin' With The Girls

Sawblade Throw...Guaranteed To Rip Through Wood...

But Not Through The Side Of The House (See Below)


Hair-raising II

Hair Flying

Fun In The Sun...In The Woods

We All Know Why He Has To Throw Straight Up From There

The Non-Combatants

Hi...I Come In Peace

Low Rainbow Rider

Visual Line Of Sight Seems To Be A Little High

Red Face Embarrassment For Where His Disc Will Land

Playing Basketball Frisbee

Mr. Woodcocks Thoughts: Must Miss Mr. Woodtree

Blow The Tree Down

Straight As An Arrow

Hit The Net

Karate Form

A Tree Hugger

Why Is The Sky Blue? Why Is That Tree There?

Another Long Putt

.23 Seconds From...Wait For It...Another Birdie!

Dead On

Towel Flyin' Tee Off

Find Something, Cory?